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Let us love the French Republic, not that it is perfect, but for the particular example it offers to the world of a people assuming despite its sometimes mistakes, its struggles for the Freedom of all and of everyone. Conscious of the equality that bases justice, this people impose themselves the Fraternity for a common destiny impossible without solidarity.

Let's love France, one of the founding countries of the European Union. The motto of this Europe “United in Diversity”, says tolerance, acceptance of the Other in its difference, under the sole guise of a common, evolutionary law chosen from the greatest number therefore accepted of all.

This site is intended to be a space of resources, practical information. It is also an invitation to reflect on our time, its truths, the challenges of living together today and tomorrow in a globalized world. He wants to recall, present, share and make the values of the Republic love the way of life of the French, to all those who from close or far recognize themselves in immigration because we are all immigrants: look at the chain that links us to the march of the first human knowing that history is not over...